Hi, my name is Attila Farkas.

I am in the process of organizing the 2016 International Environmental Art Contest. I need your help to vote on the artwork that we should use to promote the event. I have included five pictures on this page that I have created. Please pick one and e-mail the name of the artwork. With your help I will promote the most popular picture.

Please vote for one of these pictures and send me an e-mail with the number and name of the painting.

1. Your 3 tips

environmental art


2. Your choices

your choices


3. Before and after

before and after

4. Smart Grid

smart grid

Thank you for voting! Please click on contact and e-mail your selection!

Here is the original painting that started it all in 1991.



Our most complex challenge is to realize that humans release thousands of chemicals, toxins into the air, water and even into the food supply. These man-made toxins can interact with the genetic materials that create human cells and this interaction can produce unforeseen consequences. It is impossible to create a comprehensive study that involves all the toxins in every possible combination. All we can do is reduce the amount of these carcinogens in environment and look for more intelligent ways to produce goods, services and energy. It is not only the government’s job to take on this challenge; it is also yours. An eight or ten year old may come up with an idea that adults were not able to see. A great way to participate is to organize the 2014 International Environmental Art Contest. Start by clicking on the above HELP picture and vote for your favorite picture. Thank you for your help saving our environment.

P.S. Don’t believe anyone that tells you about the irreversible tipping point. That idea is for those humans that give up when the challenge is so great that it seems impossible. Impossible challenges require ingenious thinking coupled with laser-like focus and global action.  I invite you to be a genius!!!


I teach my kids to be resilient, creative, and never give up. I believe that if there is a problem or challenge you can always find a solution or improvement.

Today, I see problems and solutions everywhere. I focus on solutions, instead of gloom and doom, but I don’t close my eyes and cover my ears when I discover the problems.

I also believe that an eight year old may have a solution to a problem that we adults just cannot fathom. That’s why I’m asking everyone for a solution that fits on a sticky note. It is fabulously titled, my sticky note campaign.

Simply write your best idea to clean up our environment on a sticky note and mail it to me.

I will post it on this large size painting, until it is all covered with solutions.

I will select the best ones and take practical steps to make sure that they become reality.

Please send me a sticky note with your picture and a permission stating that I can post your picture and your sticky note on my site and in other publications.

Thank you for your help keeping our oceans, rivers, air, and food cleaner.

Attila Farkas


 I love this TED Talk about social media.



E-mail: attila@enviroartist.com