preserve and improve our economy and preserve and improve our environment

Create your future. Make your ideas a reality.

I understand that everyone wants to keep their job and the energy sector is important for our economy. I think shutting down that part of the economy would be a mistake. I also think that polluting our oceans, air and water is also a mistake. We must clean up our oceans, we must find ways to reduce pollution while preserving and even improving the economy, and we must work on this together. We are wasting time, energy, and brain power on partisan politics and arguing with each other. It is time to work together to find solutions and improve our lives and create a bright future for our kids. No individual or a select group of elites can decide and rule over our future. We must unite the most qualified and experienced people to do that. I have trained and helped 5000 people worldwide for a better life and career, contributed over 50 million dollars to local economies and I will have a say how our world should evolve.

Create jobs for the people. Improve living conditions. End hunger. Clean up our oceans and our environment. Learn to work on these issues together and start a world-wide discussion.


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