Dear Attila:

Thank you very much for taking the time to share some examples of the work you're doing with EnviroArtist.com. I was pleased to learn about your efforts to raise environmental awareness through digital art, and I applaud you or inspiring others to use their creativity in building a brighter future for our children.
As I continue to do what I can to help strengthen and improve our world, I'm grateful for the input and ideas of people like you.

Bill Clinton

After I have received this thank you letter from Bill Clinton for the work on www.Enviroartist.com  and a useful quote with an autographed picture from David Suzuki, I thought I should let others know about my project. It was news worthy. My site and idea has passed the test. Now I just have to find a way to share it with the world. I am on my way. My site had received visitors from 31 countries, over a hundred cities. The list is growing, I hope Enviroartist will reach every continent and city and it will improve the everyday life of millions of people. Thank you for doing your share to help my dream become a reality. Suggest my site to news organizations, TV stations, News Outlets and your local paper. Thank you for your help!


Doctor David Suzuki:

"Everything within the biosphere is interconnected, so everything we do has repercussions and therefore responsibilities."
When I was asking David Suzuki to provide EnviroArtist.com with a quote that can inspire the next generation of Enviro Artists, he had sent us a statement that all of us can benefit from. Thank you Doctor Suzuki for the autographed picture.