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Dogs do not like cucumbers.

I have planted my vegetable garden in early April in 2010, about the same time our German Sheppard dog, Nero was born. We still had a risk of frost and the weather channel has predicted snow in the next ten days. I thought I’ll take a chance and plant some romaine lettuce seeds, and cabbage, hoping they will survive the frostbites if the weather turns cold again.

The vegetables proved to be resilient against the weather, but I’ve had doubts about their chances with the dog.

Nero loves to run after anything that moves; tennis balls, soccer balls, Frisbees, but his favourite target is chipmunks.

I was worried about chippie, our resident chipmunk that was waiting for his breakfast to be served around 8:30 every morning. Peanuts, walnuts, cheerio’s, apple pieces and other gourmet food was served, but when we brought Nero home I had to warn chippie.

“Chippie, you better put your running shoes on, Nero is coming.” I said and tried to imagine their first encounter.





When he sees a chipmunk, he becomes a wolf on a hunt, pretending that the chipmunk is a deer.

Chipmunks and squirrels can drive Nero to the edge of insanity, some squirrels even tease him from the nearby maple tree, shaking their tail, saying na na na naaa na. You can’t catch me!!!

It must be in a German Sheppard rulebook, that vegetables in any shape or form cannot present an obstacle for a real hunter. Furthermore, real hunters can never show mercy or consideration when the vegetable becomes an obstacle during the hunt.

They were both four months old, my cabbage and my German Sheppard, when they’ve had their first encounter…

When Nero saw that the chipmunk is drinking from his personal water ball, he had launched a surprise attack. With muscles like steel springs claws digging into grass and dirt, jaws ready to snap on the prey, he charged at the invader, trampling though my cabbage, romaine lettuce and carrots.




Escape is only a few feet away for the chipmunk, either the fence, or our fifty foot blue spruce.

Chippie had won that round, and all the other rounds after that.

The cabbage had survived the first attack, the chipmunk has escaped the 223rd time and his self-confidence grew with each escape.

After the chase, Nero needed to find a place to cool down and the coolest place in the garden was my cabbage patch.

Even a hard-core vegetarian would turn away from that cabbage, after a dusty, slobbery, panting, German Sheppard had repeatedly used it for a cooling pad.

On the day he also destroyed my favourite yellow squash bush, I have started to plot revenge. I had to find a way to keep my vegetables and our dog in the same garden and give the vegetables a fighting chance.

I would like to tell you the rest of the story with some pictures and videos. Enjoy the show; let me know if you would like detailed plans about my decorative and functional vegetable fence.