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Enjoy this eco friendly portal, where artists, designers, political leaders and, and environmentally conscientious individuals work together to find practical solutions for environmental challenges. Presidents, scientists, models, politicians, artists, teachers, children, retired professionals, and...
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Do your share to clean up and improve the environment around you and participate in the 2016 International Environmental Art Contest!

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Your ancestors have worked the land with their bare hands and through the soil their skin absorbed trace elements that can help the immune system fight disease, help your endocrine system function efficiently and these same trace elements can also improve your overall health. Some of them are available only through interaction with organic soil and this is when your problem comes in...

You Have a Boxed Life!
You get up in the morning and get into your shower(box), after you are done get something out from your fridge for breakfast(box), maybe some cereal(box), pick up your phone to check your e-mails(box), turn the TV on to check the news(box), get into your car to get to work(box), maybe take the train(box), once you get to your building take the elevator(box), open the door to your office(box), sit down to your computer(box), start working and wonder why you are stressed out... Please do something for yourself that does not include a box. Happy gardening and fishing!

Former US president, Bill Clinton has expressed his appreciation with a thank you letter. Doctor David Suzuki has sent an autographed picture and good advice in a form of a quote. Environmental model, Ashley Brown was kind enough to pose in a creative  photo shoot that offered the base for many of our posters. University students had entered the Enviroartist contests, won cash prizes and displayed their work on this portal. The list is long and it is growing. I need everyone to help with ideas, illustrations, prizes, practical solutions.  The interesting thing about ideas is that they multiply; once you write them on paper. Even a short note on a sticky note can turn into a useful tool, when you take action to implement it. Here is an example from the 2003 Environmental Art Contest

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I always thought that oil paintings were the pinnacle of an artist's carrier. They were beautiful, vibrant, and expensive. I never thought I can paint one. It was something so out of my reach and out of my league that I've never even tried to paint anything until 1990. These are some of my early paintings and the one painting that made it all worthwhile.


Barrie, Ontario, Canada is the host of the 2016 International Environmental Art Contest! If you live in Barrie, please participate!

Check out the original picture that started this portal.

The preliminary competition is open to Barrie elementary, high school and college students. The winners will have the opportunity to be active participants in the international contest. This year’s theme is solution oriented digital media with an environmental theme. Several local companies have offered to provide cash and promotional prizes for local students placing in the top ten. Are a company owner and would like to gain local, national and international recognition? Participate in the event by sponsoring the winners and give out the prizes at our celebration. Please contact us for details. Attila@enviroartist.com

Become an Enviroartist! Use your talents to create visual images that inspire people to reduce their ecological footprint from a size 14 to a size 2, or write about your ideas in a way that will move people to take action.

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Please do not focus on global warming alone. The biggest problem with global warming is... The warming part. The word warming itself does not describe or represent the complexity and dangers resulting from the toxic by-products of worldwide manufacturing processes, fossil fuel burning, transportation, and other man made production. Mother's milk is warm, or if it is not you should warm it up. Warming up to a new idea, or under your favorite blanket, next to a campfire. Butterflies warm up their wings in the morning sun, before they collect nectar from your garden.
Warming does not rhyme with Hydrochloric acid, Mercury, Sulphur dioxide or Hexachlorobenzene.

Organic Gardening Tips are coming up soon...